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Olive Oil certification


Pleasant Valley Farms Tuscan Blend as Extra Virgin Grade has been certified for 2019 and 2020 by the California Olive Oil Council. Extra virgin is the highest grade olive oil can receive. The oil's chemistry has met or exceeded specific parameters that indicate the careful handling and storage of the olives and oil. No chemicals, additives, or heat have been used during the extraction process.

Olive Oil certification

award ribbon

Pleasant Valley Farms Wins Gold, Best of Class, and Best of Show Medals

Pleasant Valley Farms won the Gold, Best of Class, and Best of Show medals at the thirteenth annual Central Coast Olive Oil Competition. The awards were for Pleasant Vallery Farms' 2020 vintage extra virgin olive oil. It was hosted by the California Mid-State Fair and in partnership with the Lodi Grape Festival. The event contest featured olive oils produced from across the state of California.

Olive Oil Awards

2022 Tuscan Olive Oil

Our award-winning 100% extra virgin Tuscan blend olive oil is of the highest quality, freshly pressed without chemicals or excessive heat to preserve its superior taste, color, and aroma.  

Our robust blend contains hints of green almond and cinnamon,
fruity apples, and finishes with a hint of black pepper spiciness,
indicative of premium olive oil.

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How We Produce the Olive Oil

How We Produce the Olive Oil

Growing and Milling the Olives

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We will be annoucing events and special visits to the farm in the near future. Until then, If you have any questions you may contact us at (831) 722-2848, and can email at info@pvfarmsoliveoil.com  

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