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2023 Olio Nuovo Olive Oil 1000 ml

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Olio Nuovo 2023 - Fresh and Unfiltered
We are very excited to offer a special limited release of Olio Nuovo (new oil) this harvest season!  Olio Nuovo is the freshest extra virgin olive oil you can get because it is bottled within 24 hours of picking. It is cold-pressed, iridescent green in color, unfiltered, and bursting with the taste of just crushed olives, with grassy and peppery flavors – an authentic extra virgin oil experience!  Olio Nuovo is olive oil in its most raw state, distinctively cloudy with bits of olives and packed full of amazing health benefits.  Olio Nuovo is very popular and is highly anticipated each year.  Quantities are limited, so preorder today. We will harvest the oil in mid December, and it will be ready for delivery in mid-December. This remarkable oil is available for a limited time only. Olio Nuovo will be available for pick-up, local delivery, and shipping starting December 19th. 

IMPORTANT!: Because Olio Nuovo is pure and unfiltered, it is recommended that it be consumed within four months of the mill date. Enjoy Olio Nuovo within the designated time frame to ensure that you experience its famous bold, heightened flavors and fantastic health benefits.

Harvest date: Scheduled for December 16, 2023.  Available for pick-up, delivery, and shipping starting December 19th. 

To protect the oil from UV light, we use a dark antique green glass designed specifically to protect olive oil from degradation.